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Amir H. Ali commentary: "Trump's travel ban is a test for the US supreme court – and the country"
The US supreme court will soon decide whether to repeat one of the most shameful moments in American history. On Thursday, 10 judges on the US court of appeals for the fourth circuit voted to uphold…
MJC represents Muslim Advocates in lawsuits seeking information about privacy and profiling abuses at U.S. borders and airports
WASHINGTON – The MacArthur Justice Center has filed a pair of federal lawsuits seeking court orders that would require the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to release information…
MacArthur Justice Center shows that travel ban is part of President Trump’s “targeted and sustained attack on Muslims”
WASHINGTON, DC — In briefs filed with federal appeals courts considering the Trump administration’s Muslim travel ban, the MacArthur Justice Center has urged the court not to overlook…

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